Bridgestone is a worldwide manufacturer of tires and auto parts. It was founded in 1931 in Japan and has production facilities in 24 countries. Bridgestone has been at the forefront of tire technology throughout the years, and they now produce one the widest ranging tire lineups on the market.

Extreme Performance Summer

Potenza RE-11
Potenza RE-11A
Potenza RE070
Potenza RE070R R2 RFT
Potenza RE070R RFT

Max Performance Summer

Potenza RE050
Potenza RE050 RFT
Potenza RE050A
Potenza RE050A I RFT
Potenza RE050A II RFT
Potenza RE050A Pole Position
Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT
Potenza RE050A RFT
Potenza RE050A Scuderia
Potenza S-02
Potenza S-02 A
Potenza S-04 Pole Position
Potenza S001
Potenza S001 RFT
Potenza S007
Potenza S007 RFT

Ultra High Performance Summer

Ultra High Performance All-Season
Grand Touring All-Season

Ecopia EP422
Ecopia EP422 Plus
Ecopia EP600
Potenza RE97AS
Potenza RE97AS RFT
Turanza Serenity Plus

Standard All-Season Touring

Turanza EL400
Turanza EL400 RFT
Turanza EL400-02
Turanza EL400-02 RFT
Turanza EL42
Turanza EL42 RFT
Turanza EL470

Passenger All-Season

B380 RFT
Ecopia EP-02
Ecopia EP150
Ecopia EP20
Insignia SE200
Insignia SE200-02

Studless Ice and Snow

Blizzak LM-50 RFT

Blizzak WS60
Blizzak WS70
Blizzak WS80

Performance Winter

Temporary/Compact Spare


Street/Sport Truck Summer

Dueler H/P Sport
Dueler H/P Sport RFT

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia
Dueler H/L Alenza
Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
Dueler H/P Sport AS
Ecopia H/L 422 Plus RFT

Highway Rib Summer

Duravis M895
Duravis R250
R265 5-Rib

Highway All-Season

Dueler H/L
Dueler H/L 400
Dueler H/L 400 RFT
Dueler H/P 92A
Dueler H/T 470
Dueler H/T D684
Dueler H/T D684 II
Dueler H/T D687
Dueler H/T D689
Dueler H/T D840
Duravis R500 HD
R265 5-Rib

On/Off Road All-Terrain

Dueler A/T D693 II
Dueler A/T D695
Dueler A/T RH-S
Dueler A/T Revo 2

On/Off Road Commercial Traction

Duravis M700
Duravis M700 HD
Duravis M773II

Light Truck/SUV Studless Ice and Snow

Blizzak DM-V1

Blizzak DM-Z3
Blizzak W965

Light Truck/SUV Performance Winter

Blizzak LM-25 4X4 RFT

Blizzak LM-80
Blizzak LM-80 RFT