Bridgestone Turanza EL400

Brand: Bridgestone
Tire: Turanza EL400
Category: Standard Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 640 A B

The Turanza ER400 is an all-around tire that has been designed to fit a wide range of vehicles from sports cars, to sedans and even minivans. So as you can imagine, as a jack of all trades, it gives up quite a bit in the performance department. Currently, this particular tire is only available in a few sizes, so you'll likely have to look elsewhere to find a suitable tire. This tire uses some pretty cool technology though, in that it has overlapping joints in the bead area to improve ride and give this tire good longevity.

The main draw of this tire is that it is capable of going for about 80,000 miles on a set. There are not too many tires out there in this price range that can go for that distance. It is truly impressive. I've heard plenty of accounts of drivers who have these tires from the factory (OE equipment) and driving them for nearly 100,000 miles. I know, it seems like farce, but it can happen under ideal circumstances. So if you're looking for a long life tire that will give you a decent ride, these might be what you're looking for....assuming they come in your size.