Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400

Brand: Bridgestone
Tire: Dueler H/L 400
Category: Highway All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 260 A A / 300 A A / 400 B B

The Dueler H/L 400 from Bridgestone is an on-road tire for use on light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Typically, you'll find this tire used as an Original Equipment (OE) tire for these truck-based vehicles. I've seen many sets on rental cars and volume base model vehicles. This tire is designed to have a long tread lift and all season versatility. In terms of the tire tread itself, Bridgestone notes that you can use this tire to replace worn out sets or pairs of tires in the even that you don't want to replace all four tires (so long as they are the same size and performance category). The Dueler H/L 400 tread is pretty generic so that's why you can mix this tire with others.

Bridgestone makes many better tires than this one. For the performance category, it's ranked towards the bottom when comparing it to other Highway truck/SUV tires. The big benefit you'll see from running these tires is that they are pretty quiet, and will last for about 75,000 miles. Now the traction for this miles will be below average, but if you don't run into much rain or snow, then you might actually consider this tire. I'd say that unless you live in a place where the weather doesn't get too nasty, you could probably run these tires with confidence. Wet traction, in either rain or snow is very poor (however, if you have all wheel drive, you will be in better shape). So overall, I'd recommend going with another tire in this performance category over the Dueler H/L 400 unless you desperately need to buy a cheaper tire.