Bridgestone Potenza RE030

Brand: Bridgestone
Tire: Potenza RE030
Category: Ultra High Performance Summer
UTQG (treadwear): 140 A A

This is a pretty unique tire really, as it was developed for a small segment of the car market -that being the luxury sport sedan type of car. Included in that set are the Acura TL and the Lexus GS300/GS400/GS430 lineup. I'm not saying that you can't use this tire on another car, it's just that Bridgestone decided to develop a low volume tire just for these few cars. Which is pretty cool if you happen to own one, because it's not very often a tire manufacturer decides to make a tire just for your car. Just with all other summer tires, this one is not meant to be driven in ice/snow or at near freezing temperatures.

I'd say that overall, this tire gets pretty terrible reviews. Just because they made this tire originally for a sub-set of the automotive marketplace doesn't mean they did it well. I think for the money, you are much better off going with a higher volume tire in this performance category. May I suggest the Bridgestone Expedia S-01 if you wish to stay with Bridgestone. You can also look at tires from Continental or BFGoodrich as they also make many exceptional Ultra High Performance Summer tires. Should you choose to go with the RE030, then I wouldn't expect to get more than 50,000 miles out of a set, which isn't too great considering how much these tires cost.