Toyo Tires

The Toyo Tire & Rubber Company is a Japanese tire manufacturer founded in 1945. They have had a long history outside their home country with a global presence, and they started selling tires in America in 1966. Their Nitto and Proxes tires are well known on the racing circuits. The company also produces  industrial rubber and synthetic resin products, soft and rigid polyurethane products, waterproof sheets, anti-vibration rubber for automotive parts, seat cushions, and sporting goods.

Extreme Performance Summer

Proxes R1R

Max Performance Summer

Proxes 1

Ultra High Performance Summer

Proxes T1 Sport
Proxes T1R

High Performance All-Season

Proxes 4 Plus A

High Performance Summer

Proxes J33
Proxes R35

Grand Touring All-Season


Passenger All-Season

Proxes A05B
Proxes A18
Proxes A18A
Proxes A20

Racetrack & Autocross Only

Proxes R888
Proxes RA1
Proxes RR

Drag Racing Radials

Proxes TQ

Street/Sport Truck All-Season

Proxes S/T II

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season


Highway All-Season

Open Country A20
Open Country A25
Tranpath A11
Tranpath A14

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Open Country AT II