Hankook Tire is a South Korean tire company headquartered out of Seoul, South Korea. They are on the middle/low scale in terms of global tire volume, ranking at about 7th in total production. They sell tires in 180 countries and have more recently entered into motorsports being a tire supplier at the Le Mans Series and Intercontinental Rally Challenge.

Extreme Performance Summer

Ventus R-S3
Ventus R-S3 (Version 2)

Max Performance Summer

Ventus V12 evo K110
Ventus V12 evo2

Ultra High Performance All-Season

Ventus S1 noble2
Ventus V4 ES H105

High Performance All-Season

Ventus V2 concept2

Grand Touring All-Season

Kinergy GT
Optimo H418
Optimo H426
Optimo H428
Optimo H431
Optimo H725A

Standard Touring All-Season

Optimo H724
Optimo H725
Optimo H727

Racetrack & Autocross Only

Ventus Z214

Street/Sport Truck Summer

Ventus S1 evo2 SUV
Ventus ST RH06

Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

Dynapro HP2
Ventus AS RH07

Highway All-Season

Dynapro AS RH03
Dynapro HP RA23
Dynapro HT RH12

On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

Dynapro AT RF08