Firestone FR710

Brand: Firestone
Tire: FR710
Category: Passenger All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 560 A B / 560 A A

The Firestone FR710 is a pretty run of the mill type of tire. It was manufactured by Firestone to have a long life and provide for a smooth ride. Oftentimes you'll see this tire fitted to cars coming off dealer parking lots as an Original Equipment (OE) tire. In most cases, OE tires are built in pretty standard fashion and don't necessarily provide great handling or traction. However, for the FR710, relative to the performance category, this tire does a good job. This tire has a wide range of applications, so you'll see it on sedans (I see them on the Chevroley Cruze and Malibu often), coupes, on-road pickups, crossovers, SUVs, and even minivans. Pretty much a workhorse tire. Not too much cool in terms of engineering with these, they are just solidly built.

As mentioned above, these tires were built to have a long life, and in that respect they do not disappoint. I have seen many sets of these tires and they tend not to need replacing until 90,000 miles. Of course in harsher climates, you'll see that number drop. Most drivers seem to get a decently smooth ride out of them until about 80,000 miles. In terms of traction, these tires suffer from a lack of snow and ice ability just like all the other passenger all-season tires. If you want to burn up the Autobahn or back roads, I'd certainly look elsewhere. Also, if you live where there is plenty of snow, I'd suggest another more aggressive all season or a dedicated set of snow tires. However, I will say that this is a good value tire if you just need nice and easy transportation from place to place. There are other good passenger all-season tires worth considering, but the Firestone FR710 certainly makes my top 10.