Hankook Optimo H727

Brand: Hankook
Tire: Optimo H727
Category: Standard Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 700 A B

Within the Standard Touring All-Season performance segment, Hankook has a few options, and the Optimo H727 is the best they offer. Overall this category of tire is gear towards comfort, low road noise, and a long tread life. These tires typically have a lot of sidewall play, making them less than ideal for days at the track or taking on ramps at twice the posted speed limit. However they do serve a purpose as tires that can get you from A to B with the attributes mentioned above. The Optimo H727 is one of the better tires on the market for this category and Hankook used some good engineering to make this a top 10 standard touring all season tire. Along with the hundreds of tapered lateral slots, they also used some high density sipes for water evacuation. So these two pieces combined give you the ride comfort and wet traction that you're looking for.

As I mentioned previously, this is a top 10 tire for the category. The drivers that I know that run this tire come back to buy another set pretty often. What we've found is that compared to other tires, this all season will give you better than average snow traction, which is not an easy thing to find with all-season tires. As claimed by Hankook, this tire does have a long life as well. Expect to get over 90,000 miles out of a set under normal conditions. For those that buy this tire for commuting, and generally don't push the tire often, I've seen sets go for well over 100,000 miles. That makes for an excellent value considering their traction qualities as well. If you're looking for a solid commuting tire, I think the Optimo H727 needs to be on your radar.