Continental TrueContact

Brand: Continental
Tire: TrueContact
Category: Standard Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 800 A A / 800 A B

One of the more advanced, everyday tires available to consumers comes in the form of the Continental TrueContact. It's a standard touring all season tire that won't get you there too fast, but you'll be in good shape for the entire ride. Built on Continental's own Tg-F Polymer and +Silane additive tread compound, this tire is an exceptional offering for coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers. The TrueContact also uses EcoPlus technology to give you better fuel economy, extend the life of your tire, and even (somehow!?) improve wet traction. Internally, the tire has twin steel belts along with reinforced with jointless polymide to increase internal stability.

This is probably the best tire in this performance category. I say probably because I want to leave room for creative differences. In my mind, it's number one in terms of standard touring all season tires. That doesn't mean it's the best tire for every situation, but when it is suited to work well, it does just that. I've seen this tire fitted to everything from a Chrysler Town and Country minivan, to a Honda Civic Hybrid, to a Mercury Grand Marquis (large sedan). This is a versatile tire for sure. TrueContact is a relatively new offering from Continental, so I don't have longevity data yet, but I should by next year. Considering the treadwear rating, it could be awhile. From the people currently running the tire, I've heard a high amount of praise for it's wet and snow traction capability, along with a quiet ride. Time will tell if this tire can stay on top. So far, the future looks bright. Will update this review accordingly as I get more information.