Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Plus

Brand: Pirelli
Tire: P6 Four Seasons Plus
Category: Grand Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 500 A A

Pirelli, with the P6 Four Seasons Plus tire has attempted to cross a couple performance categories with this Grand Touring tire that can handle high horsepower coupes and sedans. What they brought together in this package is a tire that has long wear, low rolling resistance, and will keep you on the road in the snow. Pirelli uses a 100% silica tread compound, which is uncommon for a tire like this, along with two central circumferential grooves to help against hydroplaning. The internal structure is reinforced, and along with their Extra Low Rolling Resistance system, it makes for a rigid tire with overall good integrity.

Certainly a lot of good technology went into the making of this tire, but unfortunately it didn't amount to much. This tire ranks in the middle of the pack compared to other tires in this performance category and most drivers have felt that the P6 Four Season Plus delivered a smooth and quiet ride, but traction quality was lacking. On the longevity side, I've seen a number of sets go for over 65,000 miles before needing to be replaced, which is pretty good for this type of tire. Also, for a number of years, these tires were used as Original Equipment on Volkswagen vehicles, and for those drivers, you got a great set on your car. But in terms of a replacement tire, I'd say it's probably worth moving on to other better performing tires.