Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season

Brand: Goodyear
Tire: Eagle Sport All-Season (W-Speed Rated)
Category: Ultra High Performance All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 560 A A

If you need a tire that can operate in all four seasons for your performance automobile, then the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season is worth a look. It's one of the best on the market in this performance category and it has a great track record of being a solid all season choice for high horsepower vehicles. Goodyear uses an asymmetric treat design and linked outboard shoulder blocks. Along with wide circumferential grooves, the Eagle Sport is well built to deal with adverse weather. The highlight of this tire technology is that it uses Goodyear's RaceWrap Construction that was developed for tires used in NASCAR. This uses a polyester cord casing on the sidewall and wraps this under the steel belts. This creates more stability and better steering response at high speed. While this is a four season tire, I'd really only recommend using it in light snow. Deep snow will overwhelm the tread.

As mentioned earlier, this is a very well thought of tire. It seems that every driver that runs a set of these tires on their cars comes back for another when they need a new set. Dry and wet traction are the high points, along with performance traction when pushing the tire to the max on the track. In the real world, these are aggressive tires and if you want to push the speed on highway on ramps, you'll be in luck. Winter traction in snow and ice isn't great, and I'd call it average for the category. If you're in a snowbelt state in the US or you see a lot of snow in general, you'll probably want to look at running a dedicated set of snow tires, but the Eagle Sport All-Season will get you through snow if needed. There are better all-season tires on the market for snow. Considering the great traction these tires have aside from snow and ice, you'll get about 45,000 miles out of a set, perhaps less depending on your driving style. I think these are a good deal if you want great all season traction, but it's a really competitive field with the other ultra high performance tires on the market.