Hoosier A7

Brand: Hoosier
Tire: A7
Category: Racetrack & Autocross
UTQG (treadwear): 40 C A

This A7 tire from Hoosier is a purpose-built tire for race cars and can be utilized in a number of events including hill climb, autocross, road racing, and time trials in dry conditions. These tires are manufactured to provide higher levels of grip at lower temperatures compared to other racing tires. These tires are very unique and since they are for the racetrack, you'll notice that the Department of Transportation makes these tires 'not intended for highway use', and it is unsafe to operate a vehicle with these tires on public roads. The A7 is essentially a summer tire, and it's not intended to be driven at near freezing temperatures. Snow and ice should be avoided at all costs as well. Performance wise, these tires are really great. I've not met one driver that's been disappointed in their performance on the track. We're not saying this is the pinnacle of racing tires available on the market, but these are great performing tires in dry conditions.