Uniroyal Laredo Cross Country

Brand: Uniroyal
Tire: Laredo Cross Country
Category: Highway All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 540 A B

This is a hard tire to review considering that there almost no new Uniroyal tires for sale any more. I think drivers of a certain age can all remember how there used to be Uniroyal tires all over the place. Well that is no more. In fact even this tire only comes in a handful of 15" and 16" sizes, and I've only run into a couple people that could really give me a good breakdown of this tire. What this tire is though, is a decent long life tire that has been used as an original equipment tire on light duty vans, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. So you might find this tire used in that setting. If so, you'll at least know that it'll provide you with great treadwear and just ok traction. This tire is often used as a direct replacement for other tire brands if you need a replacement for a tire that needs to be replaced. I can't exactly recommend a tire that almost nobody uses in a full set, so if you are looking at this one, I'd have to say that you should probably look elsewhere, for a better tire that's being used more consistently on the road.