Pirelli Winter Snowcontrol

Brand: Pirelli
Tire: Winter Snowcontrol
Category: Performance Winter / Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

I'm a little hard pressed to call the Pirelli Winter Snowcontrol a "performance" winter tire. Among the other Pirelli tires in this performance category, this tire falls towards the bottom. It has become a small volume seller, only coming in a single 15" wheel size nowadays, and definitely being usurped by other Pirelli tires with better traction and performance. This tire is just a vestige of an older time. However if you do need a 15" winter tire, there really aren't too many options. This tire does meet the industry standard for severe snow service, and Pirelli recommends that you only install these tires in sets of four. Since not very many people run this tire any longer, it's a challenge to figure out if it's any good. I know a few drivers that have run them in the past and none of them repurchased, so that's kind of telling. So if you are looking for some version of a winter performance tire, I'd have to say that your money will be better spent elsewhere.