Continental Touring Contact AS

Brand: Continental
Tire: Touring Contact AS
Category: Standard Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 520 A B

The Touring Contact AS tire by Continental occupies a very small part of their lineup. Currently, the tire is only produced in one 15" size. It is often used as an Original Equipment tire on a wide range or coupes, sedans, and small SUVs. These tires feature low rolling resistance technology which produces a smooth and quite ride. These tires are rated to be used in all four seasons and will perform adequately even in light snow.

In the performance category, this tire just does not stack up well against other competitors. There are quite a few other tires, from Continental and other tire companies that will give you a better combination of traction and tread performance for about the same money as these. One good aspect about these tires is their longevity. I've had numerous drivers over the years tell me that these tires last over 90,000 miles, which makes the Touring Contact AS a really good value for the money, so long as you don't mind only having average traction.