Avon Turbosteel 70

Brand: Avon
Tire: Turbosteel 70
Category: Grand Touring Summer
UTQG (treadwear): 160 A A

Besides the actual tread pattern of this tire, it still reminds me a lot of the Avon Turbospeed CR27 in terms of its performance capabilities and size specifications. We've reviewed that tire as well and it has received generally positive remarks. I'd have to say that the Turbosteel 70 is a superior tire though, as it seems to have a longer tread life even though both tires have the same UTQG treadwear rating. You'll find this tire often fitted to Aston Martin and Rollys Royce vehicles as it was manufactured to able to sustain the traditionally heavier British vehicles. I think this is a very solid tire, but I might recommend looking elsewhere unless your vehicle requires a tire with a high load rating. Also, this is only a three season tire and is not intended to be driven in snow and ice, or in near freezing temperatures.