Continental ContiEcoContact EP

Brand: Continental
Tire: ContiEcoContact EP
Category: Passenger All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 240 / 300 A A

This is another small volume tire from Continental, similar to the Touring Contact AS, but comes in two 15" sizes instead of just one. This tire is primarily known as being Original Equipment for the Smart Fortwo, and for utilizing Continental's low rolling resistance design to help save fuel. The ContiEcoContact uses a silica-enhanced tread compound to help improve responsiveness and cornering stability. It also features circumferential tread grooves to aid in wet weather traction and improve it's hydroplaning resistance.

Even though this tire only comes in a couple sizes, the ContiEcoContact ranks in the top 5 for Passenger All-Season tires. Drivers note that it has excellent all season traction, and even does a good job at handling winter weather conditions. I'll note a downside though, its that these tires don't have a great track record of lasting a long time. Their treadwear rating isn't horrible, but first hand experience has informed me that they likely won't last much longer than 40,000 miles. Which considering the price, isn't something to be proud of.