BFGoodrich g-Force R1

Brand: BFGoodrich
Tire: g-Force R1
Category: Track and Competition
UTQG (treadwear): 40 B A

This tire was developed by BFGoodrich for the purpose of longer distance (versus sprint racing) racing events, including road racing and endurance racing. It has been expressly designed to provide consistent performance after warming up, lap after lap. It is intended for the g-Force R1 to be used on dedicated track cars, or on vehicles that only see limited duty on public roads. Furthermore, it is a dry weather tire only, and should not be used even on cool days. Race tires require time to warm up in order to achieve maximum grip. On wet pavement, the tire will hydroplane easily and BFGoodrich cautions drivers against using this tire in the rain, wet pavement, and snow/ice. When not in use, it is also recommended that the tire be stored indoors at a temperature above 32 degrees F.

With those rules in comes the fun part. As you might imagine, this tire uses a competition tread compound with rubber bridges built in to ensure even wear. Due to the symmetric design of the tire, they can be rotated in any fashion to promote the greatest grip and even tire wear. This tire is a real value in the Track and Competition performance category. Many drivers have gotten over 1,000 miles out of a set under track use, which is impressive considering the very aggressive tread compound used. Oftentimes for track tires, the number of time you heat cycle (aka number of times you go to the track) has an appreciable effect on tire life, so be aware of that fact if you decide to purchase these, or any other track tire.