BFGoodrich Traction T/A Spec

Brand: BFGoodrich
Tire: Traction T/A Spec
Category: Standard Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 500 A B - 620 A B

This tire reminds me a lot of the BFGoodrich Premier Touring in terms of performance, both are much better suited for a commuter car rather than anything resembling a sports car. Both tires are built much more for longer life than for performance. The 'Spec' at the end of the name signifies that this tire is used as original equipment on many vehicles. Often, these tires are used as replacements, or to replace pairs of tires that have worn out.

I'm not sure its worth recommending that you buy a set of these tires. I think if you're in a pinch, and this tire has the same load rating and performance as the other tires on your vehicle, it might be worth taking a look. Otherwise, I think your money is better spent on a higher quality tire with a similar treadwear rating.