BFGoodrich g-Force R1-S

Brand: BFGoodrich
Tire: g-Force R1-S
Category: Track and Competition
UTQG (treadwear): 40 B A

Probably the easiest way to describe this tire is that it is a variation of the standard BFGoodrich g-Force R1, and has been specifically designed for shorter races including autocross and sprint racing events. The R1-S will warm up quicker as well, and will grip much better in cooler temperatures.  The converse of this is that this tire will wear much quicker than the standard R1, and can't be used on very hot days. Just as with the standard R1 (and most Track and Competition tires), you shouldn't uses these tires at near freezing temperatures, or if there is any rain/snow/ice -which means you are essentially looking for that perfect day. These tires can be used on public roads if needed, but it is not recommended that you use them on the highway.

This tire uses a competition tread compound with rubber bridges built in to ensure even wear. Due to the symmetric design of the tire, they can be rotated in any fashion to promote the greatest grip and even tire wear. As mentioned previously, these tires wear very quickly. Drivers have mainly reported getting less than 500 miles out of a set, with many drivers reporting that a few hundred miles will put the tires at full stretch. For track tires, the number of time you heat cycle has a huge effect on tire life, so be aware of that fact if you decide to purchase these. After a good dozen or so, you'll probably start to notice a loss of traction ability.