Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X (T Speed Rated)

Brand: Sumitomo
Tire: HTR Enhance L/X
Category: Standard Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 700 A B

The Sumitomo HTR Enhance L/X maybe isn't the epitome of an 'A to B' tire, but it's awfully close. As mentioned by Sumitomo, this tire is developed primarily for family sedans and wagons. However with that in mind, you'll find that this tire has great tread life and places a premium on good ride comfort. The HTR Enhance L/X utilizes a notched center rib and wide shoulder blocks to increase handling and cornering ability. In addition, this is a four season tire and is rated for use in light snow.

This is a pretty new tire to the market, so it's been a little bit of a challenge for us to assess how long it'll last under use, but early indications are very positive. Drivers have noted the quite and smooth ride as being the two best aspects of the HTR Enhance L/X. As mentioned at the outset, this is a relatively new tire. I can say that at early tire rotations, it's pretty hard to tell there is a lot of tire wear occurring...meaning that it appears the tires are holding up well. Downside, as with most all season tires is that they are lacking in their ability to handle snow. This is a common complaint on many softer all season tires. In the end though, I think these tires tick all the boxes so to speak in that they will provide a great ride under most circumstances, and they'll do it for a good price. So if you're looking for a good value in this category, I think these Sumitomo tires should be ones to check out.