Yokohama ADVAN A83A

Brand: Yokohama
Tire: ADVAN A83A
Category: High Performance All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 280 A A

Yokohama is the producer of some very good performance tires on the market today. However, the ADVAN A83A is not one of them and I am not even going to spend very much time reviewing it. As a tire used mainly as original equipment (OE) tire for sports cars and sedans. In this regard OE is typically code for mediocre, and that's exactly what we have with this tire. It is in fact a very generic high performance all-season tire as you can purchase it for use as a direct replacement if you just need one tire or you can easily use it in sets of two. Most other tires on the market, and pretty much all that get high ratings say that you should only use those tires in sets of four. You'll likely get less than 35,000 miles out of a set. Most drivers have found them to be decent tires for the first third of their life, but they will wear quickly. Around 20,000 miles you'll find them to get pretty loud as well. Snow traction, even for an all-season tire, is not great. Unless you're in a pinch and need a replacement tire, I would look elsewhere.