Firestone Precision Sport

Brand: Firestone
Tire: Precision Sport
Category: High Performance All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 400 A A

The Firestone Precision Sport is a higher end tire in the performance category for Firestone. I would call it a second generation since it's a newer design than some of their previous offerings in the high performance all season segment. It's a true four season tire and does do a decent job in light snow, which is somewhat rare among this tire cohort. Nothing too revolutionary on the engineering of this tire. You'll notice that it has a symmetric tread design with wide shoulders on the outside, and two grooves or rain channels running through the middle.

 Among it's peers in this performance category, the Firestone Precision Sport is in the top ten...somewhere in the middle. Overall, drivers come away fairly impressed, noting the solid wet and dry traction, along with decent snow ability. I haven't found too many high mileage tires, so I think one of the drawbacks of this tire might be that it doesn't have great treadwear. I think 40,000 miles is about all you should expect. Typically you'll get fewer miles out of tires with better traction, and I think that is the case here. A few other downsides include road noise and ride comfort, and I think those are probably due to Firestone using some dated tire technology compared to other manufacturers. On the plus side, you'll probably find a good deal on these, so you can think of them as more of a value performance tire.