General Tire AltiMAX RT43

Brand: General Tire
Tire: AltiMAX RT43 (H or V Speed Rated)
Category: Grand Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 600 A A / 700 A A

Coming in a wide range of sizes the AltiMAX RT43 from General tire is a solid choice in this performance segment. I'd rate it somewhere in the middle of the top 10. The main draws of this tire are in relation to it's value proposition and long treadlife. You can see by the UTQG ratings that it's pretty high. That's not to say that this is just a workhorse tire. General has put some significant time in engineering this tire Anti-Slip Sipe Design Technology, which increases the number of biting edges to enhance traction on slippery roads. The Low Surface Abrasion Technology reduces tread distortion and keeps the tire rigid under stress.

If you talk to a lot of drivers that have run this tire on their vehicles, you'll find a lot of positive comments. Most really enjoy that you'll get over 70,000 miles out of a set, even with this higher speed rated version of the tire. Snow traction is a bit lacking, but still on par for the all-season segment. It won't get over matched too easily, but don't expect it to plow through 6" of powder super easy. Overall this will also tend to be a quiet tire as it wears, and they'll work great on your wagon or minivan. Many tires as they age can get pretty loud, and cars that lack trunks funnel that noise through the cabin. So at the end of the day, the RT43 is a great tire for the price. Sure it's not going to give you the best traction in every situation, but if you're looking for dependable, solid, no BS traction, I'd say this would fit the job well.