Dunlop SP10

Brand: Dunlop
Tire: SP10
Category: Passenger All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 220 A B

Dunlop developed the SP10 to be the original equipment (OE) tire for the first generation Toyota Prius, but it can also be fitted to other small vehicles that utilize the small 14" wheel that this tire is fitted to. What this tire is, is essentially a low rolling resistance tire designed to provide better fuel economy and have traction in all four seasons. Though not always billed as a low rolling resistance tire, I definitely put the SP10 into that category based on it's performance, narrow width, and tread compound. Since this tire has these design aspects, it should come as no surprise that the traction capabilities are a bit limited. Drivers have noted that these will perform decently in dry and wet, but in cold weather and snow, it's important to take things very slow. The tread compound isn't extremely compliant in winter weather. With all that said, this is a good tire if you're looking for a tire that really will improve fuel economy. That brings me to another downside of the tire though, which is that it won't last very long. Most drivers end up getting only around 30,000 miles out of a set..that is terrible for an OE tire. So I really do have a hard time recommending this tire for all the reasons above. I know it can be hard to find a narrow width 14" tire, but there are other options out that, and I'm guessing all of them will cost more money. However it's worth spending more in this situation to avoid using the SP10.