Dunlop Winter Maxx

Brand: Dunlop
Tire: Winter Maxx
Category: Studless Ice & Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

This winter tire in the Dunlop family represents another wide-ranging option in the studless ice & snow performance category for winter driving. It was designed to provide cold weather, including adverse weather condition traction to coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers. The Winter Maxx tires use a nano-fit rubber tread compound to help grip in cold weather, along with miura-ori shaped high density sipes that help the tire maintain rigidity and cornering performance. Dunlop also included some cool technology called True Circle Profile that deflects forces on the sidewall and helps the driver figure out what the tire limits are. Winter Maxx tires meet the industry standard's for severe snow service and Dunlop recommends that you only install these tires in sets of four.

Reviews overall are positive for this tire, but they are however limited as not too many drivers actually run it on their automobiles. With that in mind, those that do run the tire find that it has solid, but not outstanding, traction in ice and snow. I think there are better tires on the market, but I wouldn't shy away from pricing these out. Solid traction is a good selling point here, and I have had people tell me that a set of these tires will go for 60,000 miles. That's very impressive, but hard to tell if it's the norm since I don't have a large sample size. So I'd say this tire is worth you consideration, overall. It won't have the standout traction some other winter tires display, but it will give you good traction in severe conditions and a pretty long lifespan.