General Tire Grabber HTS

Brand: General Tire
Tire: Grabber HTS
Category: Highway All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 640 A B

The General Tire Grabber HTS is the highest ranked highway all-season truck/SUV tire in my mind within the General Tire lineup. It ranks in the lower part of the top ten for the entire performance category though. It combines better traction than the AmeriTrac and Grabber AW, along with a longer lifespan. You'll likely find that the HTS will cost you more up front, but it might be worth it in the long run if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a long period of time. The improved safety aspects over the other two in the General Tire lineup should also be a consideration.

The HTS also features General Tire's Eco-Ride tread compound to improve fuel economy. So this tire will also pay you back in terms of improve fuel efficiency. General Tire also included their Stabilink system in the manufacturing of this tire, which means that it has increased stability, resulting in better cornering, braking, and acceleration. This tire will perform decently in all four seasons, and is rated for light snow duty.

Drivers of the Grabber HTS are likely to get around 90,000 miles out of a set, and many drivers have seen over 100,000 miles under ideal conditions. Most drivers report the road noise of these tires to be pretty minimal, so if you have another tire on your truck or SUV at the moment and switch to these, you might find a good bit of noise reduction. Overall, a very solid tire and great choice if you're looking for enhanced longevity and fuel economy.