General Tire Grabber AW

Brand: General Tire
Tire: Grabber AW
Category: Highway All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 420 B B

If you are looking at General Tire for highway all-season traction for trucks and SUVs, then the Grabber AW might be up your alley. Performing better than the AmeriTrac (though usually costing more), this tire will be a better option for drivers wanting a higher quality tire.

Similar to the AmeriTrac, this tire will give you a very long life under most driving conditions. As I mentioned in the review of the AmeriTrac, if your goal is finding an affordable tire that will last a long time, then it would be hard to look past them. So the main difference here is that the Grabber AW will provide better overall traction and likely cost you a few bucks more, otherwise they are pretty similar in most regards even though they come from different tire families in General Tire's lineup.