BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A Tour

Brand: BFGoodrich
Tire: Long Trail T/A Tour
Category: Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 580 A B

It's best to think of this tire as more of an "on road" SUV tire, it's designed more to provide good traction on paved roads and long life, than even light off road duty. The Long Trail can be fitted to pretty much all light trucks, crossovers, and sport utility vehicles. Although I can't recommend this tire for even light off road duty, it is rated to be used in light snow.

For the most part, this tire has been designed more to handle bad weather than excellent traction on dry roads. Drivers have seen upwards of 60,000 miles out of a set of these, which is very good for this crossover/SUV performance category. From my experience, the wear on these tires depends on what vehicle they're fitted to. They are really more suited for small SUVs (Honda CR-V), Crossovers (Nissan Rogue), or Light Trucks (Ford Ranger) rather than any of the larger SUVs like a Chevrolet Suburban. Don't get me wrong, they'll fit larger vehicles, and you'll even see them marketed towards larger vehicles. But I would recommend looking towards other tires in this category rather than this one if you own one of these larger vehicles.