Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT LT

Brand: Goodyear
Tire: Ultra Grip Ice WRT LT
Category: Light Truck/SUV Studdable Winter / Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

Goodyear has a lot of good winter tires on the market today, and the Ultra Grip Ice WRT LT is certainly among them. While not held in quite as high regard as some of their other winter tire offerings, this specialized tire does a good job at keeping trucks (light and heavy duty), vans, and SUVs on the road during inclement weather. This tire uses Goodyear's Winter Reactive Technology, which means that it has a directional tread with large sweeping grooves to help evacuate water, snow, and slush out of the path of the tire. While this isn't the most advanced technology, it does a good enough job when the road conditions go south. This tire is built to the industry standard and meets severe snow service requirements. Goodyear cautions that you should only install these tires in sets of four since the handling characteristics are unique.

As mentioned above, this is a good-not-great winter tire. The drivers that I know that run it feel pretty strongly about the tire's abilities in ice and snow, but just know that there are better tires in this performance category on the market. Expect to get 30,000 miles out of a set, which isn't too bad. I've had experience towing a 12,000 trailer with this tire in a blizzard and it went pretty well. Though we did take it slow and the route was pretty flat, for what it's worth. Speed-wise, they will take to highway speed reasonably well and you can cruise with load at 70 and you'll just notice some extra road noise. So overall here I think this tire is a winner, but I'd check out our guide and rankings so you can see the others studdable winter truck tires on the market. I don't think you'll go wrong with this one, but I also think you can do better.