Pirelli Winter Carving

Brand: Pirelli
Tire: Winter Carving
Category: Studdable Winter / Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

The Pirelli Winter Carving is an older style, and still very good studdable winter tire. While there are other newer and better engineered tires on the market now, even from Pirelli, this tire still remains as a good value tire that will get you through the nasty weather time that comes in winter. Originally designed to fit pretty much all passenger vehicles, it is a bit harder to find a wide variety of sizes these days. These Winter Carving radials use some cool engineering tricks to help keep traction on slick surfaces including Pirelli's own Adaptive Compound Technology. As you might imagine from an old school rugged tire, this guy does meet the industry standard for severe snow service. Due to the traction qualities, Pirelli warns that you should only install these in sets of 4. Being a studdable tire, it will accept TSMI #12 silver colored metallic winter studs.

While not at the top of the game when compared to other studdable tires that were engineered more recently, the Winter Carving can hold it's own on snow and ice covered roads. I know many people with 2wd cars that live out in rural areas who run these tires. They take gravel road abuse well and tend to track well on cold and slick roads. Drivers have noted they are great on fresh snow in case you have to be out before the plows get to your street. Additionally, these tires last quite awhile for winter tires. Expect to get about 60,000 miles out of a set. So at least for me I know that would get me through about 8 snow seasons. Not bad considering the price. I'd say that if you can find a deal on these tires, they are worth a look, but understand that newer studdable winter tires are available and perform better.