Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum

Brand: Kumho
Tire: Ecsta LX Platinum
Category: Grand Touring All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 600 A A

Who wouldn't want a platinum tire? That's what I keep saying to myself about the Kumho Ecsta LX Platinum. It's more in jest than anything else because I also don't know why Kumho would name one of their high volume tires 'platinum'. I mean, it waters down what that should mean, right? Either way, this tire code named (KU27) is one of the numerous grand touring all season tires that Kumho produces. This one in particular is built for long treadlife, and a quiet ride. When making this tire, Kumho decided to go with their advanced tread compound with three different types of sipes for all season traction. The point of utilizing all those sipes is to help the tire maintain traction under adverse conditions.

I think Kumho had some success with this particular tire, but in comparison with other Grand Touring All-Season tires, it falls outside the top ten. So it's a good tire, but not great. Drivers for the most part really do enjoy the tire and have found it to be a great value. Considering how many of these tires I've seen at 90,000 miles, I'd say great value should certainly be one of the top traits of the Ecsta LX Platinum. I would say for the most part though, expect around 75,000 miles, as that seems to be the average. Wet traction is solid as well as dry, but a few folks have noted the snow and ice traction is sub par...which isn't a huge surprise. All season tires are challenged by snow and ice easily and if you encounter a lot of those winter elements, I would suggest moving to a dedicated set of snow tires. In conclusion, good value, decent comfort and traction, and certainly a tire to consider.