Firestone Winterforce UV

Brand: Firestone
Tire: Winterforce UV
Category: Light Truck/SUV Studdable Winter / Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

The Firestone Winterforce UV is a workhorse style SUV winter tire designed to fit many light trucks and other job duty type vehicles. It's produced in a pretty wide variety of sizes and even comes in P-metric and Euro-metric sizes for standard load or extra load. This tire has been manufactured in a pretty standard format for a number of years now and they are designed to be backward compatible with older, earlier versions of Winterforce tires so you can mix and match among the product line as much as you would like. Keep in mind when you mix old tires with new, that the new ones may need to shaved down to match tread depth. Your local tire shop can help you with that should you decide to go down that road. Firestone designed this tire to have a very aggressive directional tread pattern, with wide tread blocks that can be studded as needed. This tire, as I mentioned is pretty heavy duty and it meets the industry's severe snow service requirements. Always remember to only install these tires in sets of four due to their winter traction abilities.

Drivers have been coming away very impressed with this tire. It's a true blue collar tire that combines ruggedness with durability, and has great snow and ice traction. Overall just a great light truck and SUV winter tire. I've had many people tell me that one of the best parts of this tire is how it resists hydroplaning. You can drive through standing water at high speed with a good deal of confidence that the Winterforce UV will keep you on the road. Only downside may be that they are much more noisy than on-road tires, but that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise -its just a fact of winter tires that they will be louder than all seasons. The tread will last you about 100,000 miles with proper rotation and under ideal circumstances, making the tire a very good value. This is more of a single-season tire. Some winter tires can be used in spring and fall, but these are best left only for winter. They are a single purpose weapon to combat snow and ice. For the money, I think you'd be hard pressed not to take a look at these tires.