Michelin X-Ice Xi2

Brand: Michelin
Tire: X-Ice Xi2
Category: Studless Ice and Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

This second-generation studless ice and snow tire from Michelin, deemed the X-Ice Xi2 (doesn't roll off the tongue) is a wide-ranging and advanced winter tire. Along with it's great traction abilities, it also comes with the 'Green X' standard meaning it's a low rolling resistance tire. So essentially, this is one winter tire that could actually help your vehicle get better fuel mileage. The key here is the tread compound they use. It's called FleX-Ice and it's a silica-based compound that actually allows it to remain flexible in low temps while still having the ability to work at higher temperatures. I don't know of many winter tires that can claim that. Due to the new technology, Michelin says you should only use this tire in sets of four and that you shouldn't mix these wither earlier X-Ice tires on the same vehicle.

In terms of ratings, I'd put this tire in my top three for the performance category. It's an incredibly solid performer in winter weather. I've had numerous drivers swear that when you put these on a two wheel drive car, they'll say it performs better than a 4WD or AWD car with all seasons in snow and ice. They also tend to have decent longevity, and you'll see a set surpass 60,000 miles under normal conditions -like making sure you remove them before the temperatures get too hot in the summer. I've had a couple complaints about noise, but honestly, winter tires just run louder. So if you have two sets of tires depending on the season, you'll notice an uptick in noise. Can't really be avoided, and I'd gladly take that little inconvenience to put these tires on my car.