Michelin Primacy HP

Brand: Michelin
Tire: Primacy HP
Category: Grand Touring Summer
UTQG (treadwear): 240 A A

The Michelin Primacy HP is a long life grand touring summer tire designed to provide consistent traction throughout the life of the tire and provide great dry and wet traction. This is a low rolling resistance tire, so you'll notice the Green X on the sidewall. Low rolling resistance tires help you achieve better fuel economy and reduce your vehicles CO2 emissions. There is usually a bit of a trade off, in that these things come at the expense of traction. The tires use Michelin tires utilize ASM technology, meaning they are built to focus on Architecture, Sculpture, and Materials. These Primacy HP tires being summer only means that they should not be driven in ice/snow, or at near freezing temperatures.

For the performance segment, these tires definitely fall within the top three. They do an excellent job at providing good traction, and with their advanced tread compound, also good longevity. Most drivers seem to get around 75,000 miles out of a set, which for the usual price of these tires is very good. If you happen to live in a pretty mild climate, meaning that you don't see much in terms of winter, I think these are a very sensible choice to get your from A to B in comfort. Grand touring tires are generally known for being geared more towards comfort than performance, and these Primacy HP tires follow that line as well. Since this is a long life tire, some drivers have noticed that these tires get louder with age, but I think that's to be expected when the tire tread is made to take up a lot of miles.