Goodyear Assurance ComforTred

Brand: Goodyear
Tire: Assurance ComforTred
Category: Passenger All-Season
UTQG (treadwear): 700 A B

As the name might suggest, the Assurance ComforTred from Goodyear are made to provide a comfortable ride with minimal road noise, while providing all season traction. This tire features a few things that help it achieve a high level of comfort including densely packed tread blocks and a super-shock absorbent layer of rubber that is built in between the tread and the steel belts to help insulate the vehicle from vibrations and road bumps/potholes. This is a very well built tire, in fact one of the best in the performance category, definitely in the top 5 as it does a great job combining that ride comfort with longevity and good overall traction.

When talking with other drivers that use this tire, they pretty much all come away impressed with it's ability to keep the vehicle composed on the road, and still do well in emergency traction situations. You take those two things and then add that you'll get about 100,000 miles out of a set of these and it almost seems too good to be true...but it is. This is a very long life tire and it provides for mostly consistent traction over the lifetime. You'll see degradation towards the end, just as you would with other tires, but I think it's lessened somehow with the ComforTred. I put this tire in the "great family hauler" lineup because of these things. Great to use on minivans or your sedan that racks up miles while running around town or out on road trips.