Pirelli Winter Carving Edge

Brand: Pirelli
Tire: Winter Carving Edge
Category: Studdable Winter / Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

The Winter Carving Edge is Pirelli's volume seller in this studdable winter tire category. It has an absolutely massive size range, from 14" to 21" wheel diameter. That is quite amazing. So as you can imagine, this tire was built to be used on pretty much any passenger vehicle. The Winter Carving Edge utilizes Pirelli's Adaptive Compound Technology to combine winter traction with increased treadwear. This is a directional design with large later sipes that allow it to do a great job starting and stopping in deep snow. These tires meet the industry standard for severe snow service requirements and Pirelli recommends (along with every other tire manufacturer) that you install winter tires in sets of four.

Across the spectrum of vehicles, drivers are universally impressed with the snow and ice traction these tires provide. Even large, rear-wheel drive vehicles respond well under adverse winter conditions. If there can be one complaint from drivers, it's that these tires typically last just 3-4 seasons under normal winter conditions. After year three, the compound tends to wear out and is not as pliable in low temperatures. So don't expect getting more than 40,000 miles out of a set, and I'd think that 30,000 miles is more the norm. Some drivers have also reported a ~5% drop in miles per gallon, likely due to the aggressive and sticky winter tread. Otherwise these are a good choice, and if you can get a good deal on them, I think they are definitely worth a look.