Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2

Brand: Goodyear
Tire: Ultra Grip Performance 2
Category: Performance Winter / Snow
UTQG (treadwear): Not rated

The Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2 is a low volume, and pretty specialized tire in the performance winter tire segment. Only coming in one 18" wheel size it was developed for drivers of European performance cars, but can also be used on pretty much any passenger vehicle that fits. The Ultra Grip Performance 2 utilizes a silica infused polymer blend that allows the tire to maintain flexibility and traction in very low temperatures and on ice and snow. It has deep V grooves and Goodyear's own Adaptive SipleGrip Technology. These tires meet the industry standard for severe snow service and Goodyear recommends that you only install these in sets of four due to their traction abilities.

Since this is a low volume tire, it can be hard to assess the specific abilities this tire exhibits in the real world. However, we've had a number of drivers over the years runt this tire, so we've got a decent sample size. Drivers note that these tires handle very well in winter on dry pavement, and almost equally as well when the temperatures rise. So you won't be comprise too much in terms of performance when the winter weather ends. Not that it's recommend that you run these year round, but I suppose you could if needed. Expect to get roughly average mileage out of these, so around 40,000 miles out of a set. Overall I think these are good tires if you are perhaps looking to run winter tires nearly year round.

Also available in a run flat version: Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2 RunOnFlat