Continental ExtremeContact DW

Brand: Continental
Tire: ExtremeContact DW
Category: Max Performance Summer
UTQG (treadwear): 430 AA / A

The Continental ExtremeContact DW is the best tire in the performance category for Continental. It also happens to earn a top five rating from me within this Max Performance Summer group. It is a better tire than the others that Continental puts out by a wide gap. This is a serious performance oriented tire, but has also been made to provide good ride quality. It's so well liked that it is offered in too many sizes it's hard to even count. This is an asymmetric tread tire that has been designed to perform equally well on wet and dry pavement. As we see with other summer tires, these should not be driven in ice / snow, or at near freezing temperatures.

As I mentioned above, this is a well reviewed tire and I think it deserves a top spot in the performance category. Some drivers have been able to get 75,000 miles out of a set, but I think it's more reasonable that you see somewhere in the 55,000 mile area. You'll find that the ExtrememContact DW does an excellent job at maintaining stability in high speed, and wet low traction conditions, even when standing water is present. As I said, Continental has done a good job with this tire. If you can find these with a rebate or on sale, I'd recommend jumping on the offer if you're in the market.