Continental ContiSportContact

Brand: Continental
Tire: ContiSportContact
Category: Ultra High Performance Summer
UTQG (treadwear): 280 A A

The ContiSportContact is one of the lesser known tires in the Continental lineup, as it is not produced in a wide variety of sizes. It was developed in an attempt to meet the needs of drivers of sports coupes or sedans. As it is a summer only tire, it is not intended to be driven in snow/ice, or at near freezing temperatures. This tire employs an asymmetric tread design, which many enthusiast drivers prefer due to its slightly different handling characteristics. As for style, Continental decided to go with an all black look, which means the letters on the sidewall are blacked out as well.

There are some pretty amazing accounts in terms of treadwear for these tires, some drivers have clocked over 60,000 miles, which is very impressive for the agressive tread compound utilized. If not used on the track, I think most people can expect to get about that many miles out of a set. Some have stated that these tires start to get a little noisy around 50,000 miles, which I personally find to be just fine. A tire with this amount of traction lasting that long seems like a pretty good deal to me anyway!