BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW

Brand: BFGoodrich
Tire: g-Force T/A KDW
Category: Ultra High Performance Summer
UTQG (treadwear): 300 AA A

This is somewhat of a speciality tire for BFGoodrich. It only comes in three sizes, all for 20" wheels. There are not a lot of cars out there that come with stock 20" rims, so you can imagine this is a bit of a low volume seller. The whole purpose behind the g-Force T/A KDW is the last part of the tire name -KDW (Key feature: Dry and Wet traction). As with other ultra higher performance summer tires, this tire is not intended to be used near freezing temperatures, or driven on ice/snow.

Unique for a tire in this performance category, the KDW uses large tread blocks. What does that mean? Well, typically a manufacturer would create a tire like this to handle high torque loads that accompany a sports car or highly tuned engine, and this is all in an attempt to increase tire stability. So if you've got anything pushing a lot of horsepower, this would probably be a good tire to consider.

Essentially, these tires are built to handle power, but not necessarily to give you great treadwear. There are numerous reports of customers having to replace a set of these after 15,000 miles. Now that could be because possibly the drivers are using these on the track, or perhaps they enjoy a lot of red light racing. Who knows, tire life can depend heavily on how the car is driven, and considering that they tires are built for cars that have a lot of power, its hard to say as to why the life is so short considering the not-too-shabby treadwear rating these carry for the performance category.