Avon Turbospeed CR228-D

Brand: Avon
Tire: Tech Turbospeed CR228-D
Category: Ultra High Performance Summer
UTQG (treadwear): 160 A A

Top of the line traction. Thats probably the best sentence to use to describe the Turbospeed CR228. As mentioned with other Avon reviews, this tire can be a bit challenging to find in the United States, as it is manufactured in Britain. Specifically designed as a summer tire (warmer months), it is not meant to be used in cold temperatures, or in the ice and snow. Due to this aggressive tire compound, it has exceptional grip wet and dry, assuming the temperatures stay warm (roughly 40 Deg F).

The tire compound used int he Turbospeed CR228-D is not meant for long life, in fact it is designed to provide great performance at the expense of long life. With such a low treadwear rating, don't go out expecting to get a lot of miles out of these, tire life could be as low as 18,000 miles, or even less.

If your goal is to get the highest track performance possible, and still have road-worthy tires, this is a good tire to choose, assuming you can afford to continue replacing them on a regular basis.