Avon Tech R-A

Brand: Avon
Tire: Tech R-A
Category: Track and Competition
UTQG (treadwear): 40 B A

This Avon Tech R-A is the latest competition tire from Avon Tyres. If you live in the United States, you may not have even heard of Avon, but they have a long history of manufacturing tires in Britain. These tires were specifically developed for autocross and road racing events in North America, and are only for use on dry track conditions.

Dedicated track tires are a bit of a different breed in the tire world. You'll notice the treadwear rating is a lot lower than street tires for one. This is essentially because of the "stickiness" factor, not that its a one for one ratio...but the more sticky a tire is (better traction)...the lower that treadwear number will be. These tires do actually meet US DOT specifications, so they can technically be used on highways, but this is not their intended use due to the aggressive tire compound. Tire mileage is hard to quantify, and is greatly dependent on track conditions and style of driving.